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Week 5: Patient Outcomes

0 Comments October 9, 2018

Hospital readmission rates in the US have increased significantly in the recent past. This is according to Rau (2015), who has affirmed that more than 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries in the country discharged from hospitals are readmitted within 30 days. The increased readmission rates in the county, as argued by Salerno et al. (2017) […]

Week 5: Progress in Nursing in the Early to Mid-20th Century


The nursing profession has developed substantially throughout the history. This has seen a veritable transformation of the nursing practice, roles, types of caregivers, as well as policy changes among others. Various nurses have worked diligently for the purpose of revolutionizing the profession, thus impacting delivery of care to a huge extent. According to Egenes (2017), […]

Week 6: Amazing Changes and Events


Then mid to late 20th century was characterized by substantial changes as well as events in the professional nursing. These changes and events as argued by Egenes (2017) played a pertinent role when it came to transforming the nursing profession. Christian Fischer Jersey

Week 6: Implementing Change despite Resistance


Change management is fundamental concern in health care management. Implementing it has proved to be challenging to a huge extent. Nevertheless, change is continuous and inevitable, and thus, it is crucial that we maintain working towards improving health care and outcomes. My project entails the education of nurses on the implementation of the intervention of […]

Week 7: Health Federal Bills in Congress

0 Comments October 8, 2018

This bill is aimed at optimizing discovery and accelerating development and approachability of cancer treatments in childhood. It reforms the public health service to sanction the national institute of health to deliver adequate support in gathering medical specimens and information regarding children, adolescents and young youths diagnosed with specified cancer with least effective treatments. Johnny Townsend […]

Week 8: AACN BSN Essential VIII and Your Future Practice


AACN BSN Essential VIII typically calls for BSN graduates to recognize and appreciate nursing history as well as its impact on the nursing profession. Precisely, the AACN BSN Essential VIII contends that understanding the historical perspective of nursing is inherent to the professional practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). Troy Stecher Womens Jersey

Week 8 Discussion: Closing the Loop


As argued by Kramer et al. (2017), AACN essentials are considered pertinent to nursing owing to the fact that they typically deliver a driving force towards innovation as well as academic excellence. From week 2 to week 8, my score has improved significantly from 41 to 53. This is quite amazing and it portrays how […]

Week 8: Reflection on Achievement of Program Outcomes(solution)


As put forward by Butcher, Bulechek, Dochterman, and Wagner (2018), the MSN program is essential for preparing a specialized nurse as it provides an organized sequential strategy of study. Therefore, it is important to set targets for measuring the outcomes of the MSN program. The MSN program outcome II addresses the ability to provide leadership […]

To determine the feasibility of the project, the planning phase is one of the important steps. The planning phase determines whether to proceed the project or not.


To determine the feasibility of the project, the planning phase is one of the important steps. The planning phase determines whether to proceed the project or not. Felix Potvin Jersey