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Case Study Techno-Shades

0 Comments September 29, 2018

Issues that Butler should evaluate in his assessment if transportation risks Techno shades international want to start manufacturing sport products through overseas manufacturers. Taking this into consideration, for the purpose of assessing the transportation risks involved, the company needs to identify potential damage, loss, delays, interruption, contamination, as well as security breach as the products […]

MGT 342 Case Study

0 Comments September 28, 2018

Complete a response to the one of the case studies at the end of Chapter Nine, “Young Again Pharmaceuticals” or “Techno Shades.” Although there are no limitations to the length of the paper required for case study assignments, in general, the paper should be at least two pages with double spacing. Be sure to follow […]

Mini Case Study The MBA Decision


Question 1 Age is a key important factor in studying, and Ben being 28 Years old now and having graduated from college six years ago he must have been working since then. This will mean that he has been saving enough and has money that can sustain him to be in school now and this […]