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Unit 6 Evaluation Eleventh Grade English 2 ENGH 040 060

0 Comments October 10, 2018

This evaluation will cover the lessons in this unit. It is open book, meaning you can use your textbook, syllabus, and other course materials. You will need to understand, analyze, and apply the information you have learned in order to answer the questions correctly. To submit the evaluation, follow the directions in your online course Percy […]

Acme International: Hazard Reduction Safety Student Columbia Southern University


Abstract This project involved reviewing the existing work conditions at two areas within the Acme International manufacturing shop. The scope of the project included two welding stations and a paint room with an objective to develop mitigation for hazards identified from a risk assessment. The risk assessment process identified hazards within the welding station and […]

Week 5: Core Competences for Nurses

0 Comments October 9, 2018

Nursing graduates are presumed to possess quality and safety education for nurses (QSEN) competencies. The ultimate goal of QSEN is to produce future nurses with knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for constant improvement of quality and safety of the healthcare systems. As put forward by Nygård (2017), QSEN competences established for pre-licensure and graduate nursing […]

Week 5: Patient Outcomes


Hospital readmission rates in the US have increased significantly in the recent past. This is according to Rau (2015), who has affirmed that more than 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries in the country discharged from hospitals are readmitted within 30 days. The increased readmission rates in the county, as argued by Salerno et al. (2017) […]

Week 5: Progress in Nursing in the Early to Mid-20th Century


The nursing profession has developed substantially throughout the history. This has seen a veritable transformation of the nursing practice, roles, types of caregivers, as well as policy changes among others. Various nurses have worked diligently for the purpose of revolutionizing the profession, thus impacting delivery of care to a huge extent. According to Egenes (2017), […]

Week 6: Amazing Changes and Events


Then mid to late 20th century was characterized by substantial changes as well as events in the professional nursing. These changes and events as argued by Egenes (2017) played a pertinent role when it came to transforming the nursing profession. Christian Fischer Jersey

Week 6: Implementing Change despite Resistance


Change management is fundamental concern in health care management. Implementing it has proved to be challenging to a huge extent. Nevertheless, change is continuous and inevitable, and thus, it is crucial that we maintain working towards improving health care and outcomes. My project entails the education of nurses on the implementation of the intervention of […]

Week 7: Discussion – Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstract


This paper evaluated the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse for aged patients above 65 years. The background of this study is the baby boom population has been increasing and is estimated to constitute 30% of the total population by 2020. This increase has been attributed to advancement in technology and implementation of effective evidence-based […]